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Anger of stick 5: Zombie (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Anger of stick 5: Zombie – Maybe we known Stickmen has served as the main theme for many games do this vibrant community up for a long time. Stick Hero, Stick Fight or Stickman Legend. All of them make a great history for the Stick to be the main game. However, to reach the pinnacle of entertainment, not all products can do it. Out of that, a product from J-PARK: Anger of the Stick 5: Zombies have done something that not every Stick game can do. Although not released long ago, the success that Anger of stick 5 gives J-Park really cannot deny, even make people admire. Because it was the first work, it really made a lot of money. As the game unfolds, a series of players have been enjoying and experiencing, giving more and more good reviews and comments, surpassing many similar products and styles.


An Anger of Rod 5 action role-playing game, Anger of the Stick 5 easily captures players from the first experience. Applying this genre to a real stick game does not do it all. As a shooter and role-playing game, when you join Anger of Sticks 5: Zombies, you will become the Stickman to destroy the villains, protect the innocent people. Equipped with up to 6 Stickmen, you can use any of them to fight. Anger of Sticks 5 also possesses a variety of weapons, the appropriate choice to destroy the enemy will help you easily win. The game also has a variety of gameplay modes so that you can enjoy single-player mode or zombies.
Anger of stick 5 has many levels to explore, as the difficulty increases, requires your skills to master, building team must be strong, support each other very well. Later maps will be more obstructive, manipulating modes of movement and shooting is fundamental. Thanks to the genre of combining from many genres, Anger of Rod 5: Zombies really bring the experience as real action games, sometimes with the style of a fun puzzle game. This really satisfies the entertainment needs of the vast majority of gamers.


This is not a plus for Anger of Stick 5, because players will not be happy with the simple graphics of the game. The design of smooth motion has kept players hard to stay with the game. Graphics are not so good looking, only temporary, but the care is shown on the details, images, and effects. An analog sticker with gestures is described simply, easily, and easily. The game shows a lot of details, helping the player to focus on the game more.


Thanks to the exciting gameplay and thorough care from the publisher, Anger of the Stick 5: Zombies are confidently putting themselves in the right place for you to choose and experience. So it is also the first product, so this game will be hugely invested, supplemented and modified J-PARK, meet the needs of players and change to fit. If you are a fan of the shooter, role-playing, do not ignore Anger of the Stick 5: Zombies.

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