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Clash of Clans (MOD, Unlimited All)

Clash of Clans (COC) is one of the best real-time strategy games on mobile. Participating in the game, you will own a powerful army, train them and participate in fierce territorial wars.
Strategy game plays an extremely large role in the market today. The most basic reason is that it contains a lot of smaller branches so that players can diversify their choices depending on their preferences, as well as at different times. For example, if a player prioritizes the name of the strategy game, it must have a role of immersive action that will lead to battles that never show signs of ending. There are also times when they appreciate the gameplay in which building and defense elements are more important. In general, how to show that I am a mind used to create values, gaming processes that are not too heavy on the issue of using skills to defeat opponents. The most representative for the strategy game series at the moment is Clash of Clans. It brings together all the elements that make this game series attractive in the eyes of players all over the world, suitable for all levels of gamers to give them the necessary variety of genres.

 Build your empire

Moreover, if you still keep track of the release process as well as game development, often playing games will discover one thing: its publisher takes the game seriously. Player. Clash of Clans is not only a game but also a separate world created by Supercell. Any point in the game makes you unhappy, quickly use the comment and report feature. A special thing that makes it more important is that the products of the same type of work the publisher has an extraordinarily great team to take care of their customers. The customers are always kings, right? Thanks to this very active attitude, it was highly appreciated based on 50 million players on Google Play. The 4.6 / 5-star index is indeed a success that deserves to be accumulated for many years.
At the current version of 11,651.10, the category continues to have new improvements that allow players to greatly improve their experiences on the game. Most of these new updates promise to bring you extremely new challenges to get more rewards. Below are the latest updates, along with some minor analysis based on the current situation of the game.

Town Hall 12

This is one of the most noticeable updates in this version because it will bring a whole new face to the tactics you have to set out when attacking opponents as well as Defend your home. Games of the same genre that always offer a Town Hall only have a mission to represent the city. In general, it is quite useless, because it does not do any task in combat. What do you think about a building that was only created so that people can destroy it? This seems to be quite unbalanced and gives gamers a lot of unpleasant experiences when you have to spend a large amount of space to store it, but this object has no resistance at all. even when it was attacked. You can see that even in chess, the King’s army can attack !!!
So in this latest version when you upgrade Town Hall to level 12, it is capable of attacking. You can witness a significant change in how to operate a squad when Town Hall was able to take care of itself. That means you will still have to arrange your army to protect it but still allow certain errors. For example, if you let a unit find a way to sneak into the back row, Town Hall still can destroy it, but not let the player have to hopelessly see him losing a ridiculous match like so. But before you can achieve this state, you still have to learn how to operate your squad appropriately to protect yourself

Siege Machines

Clash of Clans is a strategy game so it always requires players to create ways to use the military most efficiently. But at present, people are still too focused on building solid defenses to not be defeated too quickly, before they can create enough damage to resist. Therefore, this style of play has become so terrible that people can’t resist. Directly outside can also create long-lasting comedic aspects as the two sides use too much defense. Siege Machines is a newly updated tool that uses images to break through the toughest of defenses. They have a special ability to be updated to allow for more destructive things than what their men can do.

Clan games – a bridge to increase teamwork

As with your name, Clash of Clans must be a game based on the dedication of different clans to create epic battles. However, it does give people a misunderstanding that players themselves should only focus on creating their world, regardless of any other factor. Of course, this selfishness will make the gameplay much narrower than before when it only revolves around trying to make yourself strong but with little communication with friends and teammates through You participated in a clan. At present, the player can join his teammates in the battle of “Clan Games”. They will be a collection of many different elements from a Clan that are a collection of many people. Of course, these matches will require players to use tactical thinking much higher because it forces you to coordinate with different players. It is natural that when you achieve the final victory, you will receive a lot of rewards worthy of the effort that you have spent. The rewards you receive are valuable Magic Items, which contain abilities that allow you to become stronger. This means that when you own these items, they allow you to play on opponents, but they cannot have a strong enough defense against them.

What's new in version 11.651.19

  • Legends Attack Menu
  • Stopped Level Up!
  • Fixed Builder Base
  • Allow changing Hero Skin while Hero is upgrading

MOD Info?

  • Town Hall 13 / Builder Hall 9
  • PvP, PvE, Commands working
  • Unlimited Money/Gold/Resources
  • Zero build time, free upgrades
  • Create and join a clan, chat with other players
  • Global chat available
  • Troops as heroes available/ Infinitive placement

Private server information!

  • Server 1: Null’s Clash (running!) [Most stable operation]
  • Server 2: Phelix Clash (running!)
  • Server 3: Clash Hero (running!)
  • Server 4: Clash of Magic (running!)
  • **Note that when an update is available, we will try to post to the website as quickly as possible. You should only update from our website so as not to lose the process when playing.

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