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Dead Cells (MOD, Gode Mode/Free Shopping)

Recently Motion Twin – a French game development group, has launched the trailer of Dead Cells to the public. This is a 2D-platform action genre. But if it’s just a 2D action game, then there’s nothing really worth mentioning here. But thanks to the combined gameplay between Roguelike and Metroidvania, Dead Cells has truly made its mark on many segments. Thanks to that, even though the launch was not long, there were many gamers day and night looking forward to Dead Cells officially released. With Motion Twin, this is nothing more than a stimulus for them to invest more and concentrate on the game more, namely Dead Cells.

Kill. Die. Learn. Repeat

As an action game, your task is to kill enemies, advance to the target portal and end the game. The concept of the game borrowed from RogueVania is a combination of the game and a series of the open world. Each level will require different missions, completing them will help you learn and discover more interesting things in the world. In addition, Dead Cells also help you unlock many features, new capabilities of the character. As the game progresses, the difficulty of the game increases and your strengths are extremely high. Challenges and requirements are not easy either, quickly gaining new weapons or skills. Strange will help you maximize the speed of completing missions.
The worlds are tightly linked together, whether, at any stage, you can easily learn and explore everything. Your equipment and character can be upgraded, using accumulated experiences and rewards, upgrading valuable items, and increasing your strength. Have the power, you just go to conquer the game more difficult. The boss game system is also equipped for gamers to fully battle and show off their tactics. Dead Cells also have charts, hardworking and mindfulness that will make it easy for you to climb higher.

Death is not the end

2D design style combined with the pixel, made many people reminisce about the previous Java games, where the smartphone is not as popular today. This is probably a graphics game with a recollection style, bringing a lot of emotions for gamers. An old style, but combined with the ultra-modern investment, gave Dead Cells a huge plus. The effect is extremely smooth, the image is processed in pixels, but ensures the smoothness of the character movement. Battle maps are very broad, really easy to meet the needs explored by players. Extremely simple and intuitive control interface, quality and high stability.
If you are a fan of the action genre, especially killing, hack n slash, Dead Cells will be an optimal choice, not to mention those who like nostalgic well. Currently, Dead Cells has not been officially released yet, but in order to improve the experience first, Motion Twin has launched Stream Early Access to the game for players to experience and respond to them. Unfortunately, Dead Cells only supports the PC version, and other platforms will probably be released shortly.

MOD Info?


  • Money increases when spending


  • Enemies do not attack
  • Free shopping (money is added for spending)

Note: The game may be stuck (showing a white screen), fixed by going to Settings -> Apps -> Dead Cells -> Forced Stop. Then restart the game.

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