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Magic Tiles 3 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Due to the high expectations of the Piano Tiles game and its successful versions, its developers have now created a completely new version that I think you will feel interested in. Although I say that the game I want to introduce to you in this article is a new game, I have seen a large number of smartphone users download the game to their phones. As you know, “Amanotes” is the developer that creates such unique and engaging games, and of course, most of them are quite exciting and give players the extremely special experience. The more you advance on later versions, the gameplay of these games becomes more and more novel and has more improvements than before. And the game that I would recommend to you is Magic Tiles 3. I assure you that, with what Magic Tiles 3 brings, it promises to bring you the best entertainment moments you can play anywhere and at any time you want.


Coming to Magic Tiles 3, I am sure that you will all love the familiar gameplay that has appeared in previous game versions. The highlight of this game is the famous songs performed by an instrument that everyone knows and also considered to bring the most emotion to the listener, which is the piano. It can be said that this game was created with the purpose of satisfying those who love the notes and sounds that the piano creates. Since this game was first known, it has been noticed by many players with a unique playing style. Your task is simple: maintain the rhythm of the song by tapping or holding on the black tiles, and avoid the white tiles on the screen. If you play in the traditional mode of this game, the music you play will never stop, and the difficulty will increase gradually as the speed of the music increases.
This game is unlimited, so you can only get higher points when you go beyond your old limit. And of course, if you can maintain the music for the longest time, and longer than other players in the world, then surely you will be noticed. In addition, in this version, new game modes have been added to bring you unique experiences about the game, and perhaps this is the reason that so many people have downloaded this game to their phones after it was released.


Not only bring you many new game modes, but “Magic Tiles 3” has many other special features waiting for you to explore.

The appearance of other outstanding instruments

In my opinion, this is the newest feature that any gamer would like. The developer of this game has brought you lots of different familiar instruments, including guitar, piano, and several other instruments. The game’s developer meticulously researches the details and accuracy of the sound of these instruments, and it will give you the moments to enjoy the best music you have on your phone.

Some other game modes

As I mentioned, Magic Tiles 3 gives you a lot of different game modes, including battle mode, custom match … Not only that, how to calculate points and how to The design of the game has changed a bit, so I’m sure you will have a good time with this game. In addition, you can enjoy a lot of other entertainment features, and to feel better about what I say, you should download this game to your phone to experience.

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