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Minecraft – Pocket Edition (MOD, All Unlocked)

As a game player, you’ve probably heard the name Minecraft somewhere right? Yes, Minecraft: Pocket Editor (MCPE) is a famous game, used by more than 10 million users around the world. Although it has been released for more than 6 years, the hotness of this game has not shown signs of decline, and even the one who built movies and music from the inspiration of this game. What made Minecraft so great? Is it about the gameplay that is full of creativity? Let’s find out.

Create, explore and survive!

Minecraft is an open world game, allowing you to role-play into a character and discover, build yourself a separate world. This game has four modes to choose from: Creative, Survival, Hardcore and Adventure. In Creative mode, you will be releasing your imagination to build anything. But first, you need to search and collect raw materials from the surrounding environment such as stone, wood, meat,… All these materials are provided endlessly, so you do not need to worry about limited work. After you have the source of material, this is the time to show your design talent as an architect. Build up individual buildings, structures, and artworks with your imagination. The game supports you to create ancient European-style buildings; you can set up a castle, a large palace or a Big Ben clock tower,…

Build everything with the explorer mode

Moreover, in creative mode, you won’t need to worry about dangers like monsters, beasts or other hunters. You can even dive deep into the sea without worrying about drowning. Occasionally bored, you can also use the flight function, fly to the sky and freely watch and go anywhere.
Next, you can unleash your creative abilities and create unique architectural works. Sometimes, if you want to live like a farmer, you can also build a house, a garden to grow and feed the herds, live a peaceful life. If you don’t like having such a peaceful life, you can play adventure. The map of Minecraft is huge, you can explore everywhere, from mysterious forests, ancient castles to vast seas. However, no matter where you go or what to do, you need to equip yourself with the weapons and supplies you need to protect yourself. Because when night falls, there are many types of evil animals.

Fight zombies with attractive survival mode

About Survival mode, you will be like being abandoned in a world full of danger, without weapons, without food. You will have to cope with hunger, along with the attacks of evil beasts and monsters that appear everywhere. Therefore, start looking for resources, to create your weapons and equipment, to cope with the dangers. Minecraft has a clear day/night effect, and when night falls, it’s time for monsters to hunt. Build houses to hide quickly, try to survive in this world, and aim to destroy the last boss – Boss Ender Dragon. In particular, you can choose the difficulty of this game mode. This point is quite useful for newbies, who are new to the game, do not get bored when the character is continuously dying. If enemies kill you suddenly, you can revive with Respawn.
Try doing streaming or a professional gamer?
Regarding hardcore mode, this is considered the mode that gives players the most challenging. If in Creative mode, you cannot die, or Survival mode with Respawn function, then in this mode, you have only one life. And when you die, all the things you create, the experiences and items you collect will be completely dissolved. This mode helps you to maximize your ability and survival skills like in a real environment, though difficult but will give you an unforgettable experience.

Discover all the open worlds in Minecraft

And the final mode, Adventure, the unique combination between Creative and Survival. You will be cast as a talented adventurer, traveling everywhere in Minecraft to discover nature, people, cultures, and countless other mysteries.

Pixel graphics

Minecraft built on 2D graphics. However, the images are not as smooth and sharp as the games of the same genre but are replaced by colorful boxy shapes. Although graphics are not a strong point of Minecraft, they create their own character, making players feel extremely attractive. Besides, the sound in this game is wholly used in the Minecraft album – Volume Alpha. This album was produced by German sound designer Daniel, including the noises and sounds of the surroundings.


In general, Minecraft is a game for you to express your creativity and survival ability. You can do anything without limitation. With so many game modes that are so appealing, even though there is no sharp 3D graphics, Minecraft still attracts millions of gamers. Usually, you will have to spend $ 5 to buy this game on the app market, but you can download this game here completely free.

MOD Info?

  • License check removed
  • Work login to Microsoft account
  • Working character editor
  • After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left to open the menu mod with the following features

  1. Immortality
  2. Great damage to all weapons (including enemy mobs)

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