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Sonic Dash (MOD, Currency/All Characters)

Sonic is a game that has been released since 1991 and has enjoyed a lot of popularity over nearly three decades. At present, it is still loved by many players and choosing to download their device and experience in their free time. We can play Sonic on portable game consoles, PCs and the most popular today must mention smartphones. Sonic Dash lost the game version of this famous character released by SEGA itself on Google Play. Wait any longer without opening your phone and downloading it to review old memories before watching the latest movie SONIC: The Hedgehog (2019). There is a small revelation that this movie will be designed in full 3D, making it look like products that have achieved success like Detective Pikachu. Hopefully, everything will be successful in this product.

Run and build up zones!

Returning to the Sonic game released immediately on Google Play, Sonic Dash is a part of the game that has a higher upgrade than what was released on gaming consoles since 1991. However, it is already quite old and supported by many people, on Google Play alone, there are more than 100 million downloads. Some players who have tested this product offer very positive reviews for it that “good games, graphics are good, rich gameplay, there are many characters to choose from. Generally worth giving up playing time “. In fact, in just one sentence, this player has summed up everything that a reviewer can say about Sonic Dash.
Speaking of graphics, this game gives players a completely different external version when it applies full 3D graphics in gameplay. Besides, it uses the third view from the back of the character to make the player feel as if he is playing the role like a first-person perspective but can observe the whole picture of the game to move. Sonic is of course designed with his inherent appearance in blue and a bold, cartoonish appearance. The animation is nothing new when you will run on long roads and change through many cities. Behind it, of course, will be the familiar enemy ever. Eggman.

How fast can the world’s fastest hedgehog run?

It looks like it was initially a game about Sonic means talking about speed races. Sonic Dash is not an exception as it allows players to control this character to move on many different paths. The ultimate goal you must achieve is not to die on the way you travel. When the game ends, it depends on the skill of the player. It seems that you have guessed that it will work in the style of games like Temple Run. This will be an endless running game. Players will control Sonic moving on the many challenging roads you must avoid. Speed ​​will gradually increase with time, and challenges will also appear with increasing frequency. Running throughout the road, there will be scattered rings. Moderately running players find a way to pick up as many rings as you can. However, don’t be greedy; sometimes it’s a trap.

MOD Info?

  • Unlimited rings 
  • Unlimited  diamonds

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