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Temple Run 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

In 2011, when the phone game was still not played Temple Run is so powerful now that Temple Run is one of the most popular titles. We can see a lot of people owning this game in their smartphones. Almost like it and his close brother, Subway Surfers, is exceptionally fierce. A few years later when things began to grow and become more popular, many of the same gameplay games were released on both Google Play and the App Store. They all achieved great success but still can’t compare with these two older brothers.

Grab the Idol and run!

To increase competitiveness and find a way to escape the shadow of Temple Run, its publisher continued to release the second version in 2013. So far both sections of this game work in a parallel manner, act together and continue to grow steadily. In particular, about the second version, it has achieved more than 500 million downloads on Google Play, 5 times more than its brother according to the page of this prestigious Download Application. It can be said that it has succeeded, surpassing itself. It also ranked in one of the “Editor’s Choice” products as well as being in the top 10 free games ever released on this platform.

Regarding this new game, players can immediately see that its graphics are much more complicated than the previous version. Perhaps it is also for that reason that its capacity is twice that of its older brother. However, about 71 MB is not too big a problem for medium-sized devices today. If the old game developed in the direction of simplifying the experience for players, then this version created a much more colorful and attractive image.

The sequel to the smash hit phenomenon that took the world by storm!

Although there are many graphics innovations as well as extra features, every quintessence of the game is retained to ensure an original experience. First, talk about how to control the characters in the game to remain the same when you can run, jumping, turning and sliding. These familiar operations when combined will create complex gameplay. When the screen is still easy, you can coordinate many movements smoothly and efficiently. The later the tempo will be increased rapidly, requiring players to react extremely quickly, even for a moment you have to perform a redirect operation five times.

When participating in this game, you will still be able to travel to many different lands. Along with our players go through perilous cliffs, zip lines, mines, and forests, … Follow behind is always Terrible monsters are always waiting to kill you. The only way to escape is to keep running, still moving, so this type of gameplay is also called Endless Running.
In this new update, players will get lots of new things. The system of characters that you are allowed to control is hugely diverse. Even real-life celebrities like Usain Bolt are included in the game. They will not be unlocked for free but have to earn enough money to play with those people. Also in recent times, there was an exciting event that was the Holi festival. When it comes to this event, players will participate in maps with five joyous colors of the glistening river!

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