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Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Piano Tiles, maybe not too strange for youngsters now because almost them try it at least once. Thanks to the ultimate entertainment, lively sound and effects, beautiful images, there is nothing defect for Piano Tiles not to win the player’s sympathy. Even people who like other game genres want to try this game once, and many of them are “addicted” to Piano Tiles. The success of Piano Tiles has inspired AMANOTES to develop more similar titles. Because the Piano Tiles shadow is too big, the following product must have differences in their inner are extremely important and necessary. And so Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! was released by AMANOTES.
It launched about a year ago, Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! Has received much attention and positive reviews. Achieving such expectations, it is shown that the publisher has invested and refined his pet. Those successes have proved the position of Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! In the entertainment world, a correct step has helped them advance further in their production career.

Forever Dancing Ball!

In Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!, Your mission is to move the ball so that it can travel the longest distance. There are 3 main directions of movement; you just need to click on the screen to drag the ball to the position with the stele, be it before, right or left. In the process of playing, you will meet many challenges, be alert and choose for yourself the best direction. The further you reach, the harder the difficulty is; the more problems you encounter, the more skillful you will. Note that the bright colored squares are the ones that can go, and the others are likely to lose. Each every single period will all appear a blue ball, moving skillfully to the ball and eat it. Help you increase your accumulated points.
Each game has its own track, when you start, you can choose your favorite songs for a better experience. If the skill is well-versed, you can also try with high-level music that corresponds to its difficulty. The running speed of the squares will increase, requiring your hand speed. Besides, you can also compete with friends to see who is better. The game has updated rankings, stimulating the need to show your talents.


As mentioned above, Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! Owns strict and meticulous 3D graphics. Smooth, beautiful effect with sharp, detailed images that bring beautiful and satisfying gameplay. Along with the ability to tune EDM genre sounds, experience that Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! It will convince the players. Every music, every step makes people feel full and excited. The interface is easy to understand, easy to play, simple but beautiful, intuitive and delicate. The length and effect information is clearly described during the play process to help you grasp the situation thoroughly.


If you’re an EDM addict, you’re in high demand, Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! It would be a good choice. There is no reason for you not to experience it. Enjoy the moment with Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! OK

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