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Zombie Gunship Survival (MOD, Unlimited Ammo)

Take part in the Zombie Gunship Survival game, and you need to be ready for the world’s most dangerous campaign, use planes and many other weapons to kill all zombies, bring peace to those who survive.
Every day, dozens of titles are released and at least a game based on the Zombie theme. This proves the hotness of the war between humans and this imaginary monster. Every time a child is released, it will immediately receive the attention of many gamers from around the world. Actually, it’s a lot simpler when you just search for Zombie on Google Play to find almost all of your favorite products.

When participating in the game players must try their best to protect people, in the survival of the zombies, are creating a vision of the world that humans have imagined. You are not only a fighter pilot but also a commander, summoners who can kill zombies to engage in battle. How to maintain the lives of warriors need good. In addition, it is important to build bases from the precious resources that are given to the inability of people to fight and live.
Players will have to constantly train the intense shooting from their fighters. Later on, Zombies will be much stronger, so players will be able to collect more powerful weapons and weapons to increase damage. Your Eyes And Judgment is also the most dangerous weapon used to destroy Zombies. The amount you receive after each battle depends on the combat environment and the number of enemies you kill. They will be a quick way from the hell door. Players must find ways to destroy them as quickly as possible.

MOD Info?

  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Overheating

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