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world conqueror 4 kuso mod review

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world conqueror 4 mod review

today we have a new mod created by someone and called Kuso and also that is the mod name, it has new features that you won't find it in any other mod.
and also has a small drawback we will talk about it later in this review.

features of this mod

  • unlimited medals
  • unlimited resources
  • very law coast when you upgrade your weapons and defenses
  • you can unlock generals for only 1 medal for each one of them
  • added 5 new levels to each general and upgrade the firepower and health of them
  • unlimited resources in war (when you build air defense LV.1)
  • removed the annoying ads from the game
  • added new units
and as is said, there is only one small drawback in the mod, and this drawback is the game won't start or open in android phones higher than android 8 or that has screen size 19:9.
you can fix that problem by download the game on your pc or laptop and play it in any android emulator, or just download it on your old phone.

download world conqueror 4 kuso mod

download now this mod from the direct link below

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