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World Conqueror 4 Mod | 24 General, Unlimited All


world conqueror 4 24 general mod review:

Welcome again to Mr. YouTuber website, today we have a new mod for world conqueror 4, it's not very new but it's one of the greatest mods ever exist for this game.
this mod has been created in 2019 by Turkish Modder C*, he is the owner and creator of this mod and all rights saved for him.
any way, you will see now a short review to show you how to get unlimited resources and open the most powerful and skillful generals in this mod.

Features of this mod

in this mod you can now own up to 24 General, we all know that in the original game we only can unlock 12 general, but in this great mod the number has been increased to 24.
the second feature is the HQ, once when you pass the first mission, which you are not forced to play it, you can just skip and you will get your rewards, so.. when you skip or play or finsh the first mission, your HQ will reach LV.50 immediately.
the third feature of this mod will be the new generals and leaders, when you download the mod from the link below you will see the new generals and leaders, the modder has increased the fire power and the health and ability of them.

one of the greatest features of this mod is the in war resources, which mean you can get unlimited resources in war, and when you finish it, you can only build air defense LV.1 then your resources will be full again.


Download World Conqueror 4 Mod

download this mod from the direct link below

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