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MX Player Pro (Patched/AC3/DTS Lite)

Today, the demand for human entertainment has reached an unprecedented level. There are many people who spend a lot of time playing games, surfing the web, reading stories, etc. Also, the entertainment industry is constantly producing high-quality products to collect. Smoking your customers. MCU, for example, has continued to produce movies with high investment and record sales. As a result, people’s demand for movies has also increased. But not everyone can afford to go to the cinema and enjoy the epic. From there, you can create a video and video app with convenient integrated functions to improve the user experience.
MX Player Pro is one of the most effective applications to watch videos on your phone. It can be said, just your smartphone installed this app, it has become a powerful video play tools like PC. You can use it in a flexible and customizable, edit video easily. J2 Interactive is a manufacturer of high quality and gains the trust of many in this field. They have produced a lot of MX Player versions. This proves they have received a lot of encouragement and positive support from the community. Versions, serving multiple purposes as well as customization, support, and bug fixes. Attitude from this studio with its products is extremely serious and admirable.


This is a video player with a powerful system support tool. Its most prominent feature is the ability to accelerate hardware and allow users to freely edit video, add advanced subtitles. The company’s latest technology allows decryption of the hardware more deeply than the old version or the same function. So, it’s possible to apply more video to your browser. The most obvious result is that you can speed up the hardware more video than the other app.
Multimedia decode is the second function that supports the video playback performance of the app. Multimedia decode can double or even 70% performance over single core usage. The customizable controls and video controls on the touch-screen are the most attractive. That is, when you are watching movies, it is very hard to click on the screen to show the control functions. It’s annoying to have to press the button correctly and the virtual buttons also blur the video content

So you can adjust by the built-in functions such as dragging horizontally or vertically, double-click on the screen, … to adjust the brightness, volume, find video position. You can also zoom in and out of the screen by pinching or pinching your finger and controlling it.
Adding subtitles and adjusting captions is the edit function of the video app. It helps a lot of viewers and wants to share content with communities in the same language. Kids lock mode is also available to ensure your children watch videos on their phone without touching unwanted functions.


App also has a way to organize your files and documents in a scientific and easy way to control. In addition, manufacturers are continually updating new functions and versions, as well as improving technology. Be sure to use it offline.

MOD Info?

  • Multi Languages [ML]
  • Removed all Google, stat-anal, evaluation window
  • Added DTS codec
  • Cut unnecessary access to the Internet

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