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VivaCut (MOD, Pro Unlocked)

VivaCut - PRO Video Editor, Video Editing App - التطبيقات على ...
Coming in an era where social networks dominate, it seems that retouching photos or editing videos are projects that young people are most interested in doing. Regarding the image array, the choice is given to the user is much, or more accurate, is a lot. However, the video segment is quite poor. There are very few diverse video editing tools that can meet the needs of users like the software produced for PC platforms. However, now I am very happy to introduce to you a video editing app with a variety of tools not inferior to a professional photo editing software, which is VivaCut – Professional Video Editor APP.

So, what are these tools?

Vivacut offers tools up to dozens. However, among them is probably the Green Screen/Chroma key. It is special, isn’t it? This is a tool to help detect and remove the green background that is quite common among filmmakers. Thanks to this feature, users can cut objects from the green background to bring into different backgrounds without losing motion. This is also a great way to add some cool effects to your videos. Combined with the blend effect of layers, you can now enjoy combining small videos or overlays together without fear of obscure. The blend modes here are brought to include Multiply, Color Burn, Screen, Hard Light, or Soft Light, for example – familiar blends on Adobe Photoshop software.
The second significant feature is Keyframe Animation. It is great that now that such a phone app can also have this feature integrated. If you use Adobe After Effects regularly, this feature will probably not be strange anymore. However, if you do not have the knowledge about this feature, this is the place for you to start learning this animation method.
In addition, there are transition adjustment tools, transition effects, and speed adjustment tools. This is a set of three tools to help create incredible effects for your videos. However, also don’t forget the Music tool. Users can immediately import the melody of songs on their phones to add to the video immediately. Vivacut supports the Music Marker to mark transition locations so that users can easily track and add transitions. Besides, Fade-in and Fade-out effects will make the video more professional.
Beautify tools include Filters, Video Adjustment, Glitch effect, and more. Most recently, Grain, Sharpen, Highlight, and Shadow effects have also been included by the developers. Finally, it is a flaw not to mention the Text tool when a video cannot set descriptive lines, or titles, for example. Combined with Keyframe Animation, this will be a highlight for your videos. Finally, the Multi-layer timeline is a good point for VivaCut. With this feature, users can easily track and align effects so that they are accurate to the second.

Extract and share

Vivacut supports optional video output at 720p, 1080p, and 4k levels, depending on user preferences. In addition, the application also supports instant video sharing on social networks TikTok, YouTube, and of course, Instagram.

MOD Info?

Pro Features Unlocked
All Filters Unlocked (No Need to Share)

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