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Shadow Fight 3 (MOD, Weak/Frozen Enemy)

Shadow Fight 3 – The boy was one of the best boxers in the kingdom with mastering all kinds of martial arts and using a variety of weapons. When everyone knows the identity of the fighter. The battle of the marriage took place more and more until he reached a supreme power. Shogun is something that should not be challenged in medieval Japan. And one thing is evident that the guy lost his identity and now is just a shadow. Shadow Fight was once one of the strongest antagonistic games for the most popular phone. One of the reasons it’s so popular is because of its lightweight and high quality of movement. If compared on a console with Street Fighter, or on a PC, we still play it. Bloody Roar, on the mobile platform we have Shadow Fight.
After many years of working on the success of their product, Nekki did not hesitate to release the second version of the game. That is the expectations of many fans. I have seen a lot of titles that are similar to Shadow Fight and add a 2 to fool players. But when the official version was released, all those fake versions were removed from the market. Even minor manufacturers release early versions with more attractive tools. I also recently updated the information that Nekki’s Shadow Fight 3 is also famous, but with heavy graphics, it does not seem suitable for players using midrange mobile devices.

An attractive antagonistic game with beautiful 3D graphics

Maybe many people know how to play this game because it is one of the symbols representing the line of resistance on the mobile. Even the MFi controller is almost always seen first in this game. When entering the match three will be provided a scroll navigation key on the left and two skill keys 9 on the right side are punches and kicks. Combining them creates combo-like combat games that are played on the console. After some difficult times, experiencing the dreaded bosses, you will unlock more magic.

3D graphics

Graphics are notable upgrades for this game. Hundreds of characters are designed according to the most authentic drawings. Also, players can customize the costumes of their characters to create a personal style. Shadow effect and smooth movement have created fierce battles in Shadow Fight 3. Despite the high installed capacity (nearly 700MB), the game is optimized quite well. Medium-range devices can also run the game stable.

Sum up

As well as other favorite games, this product is also cared for in each update. Even attractive events of the year are included in the content of the game to attract players. On the occasion of Halloween, Nekki updated an event boss named witch Morgana and her horde of spiders. Of course, this challenge will be more difficult than the average boss extremely. They will maximize combo speed as well as learn how to launch your way to solve it quickly. Therefore, if you want to win, you can only use your most competent weapons and try to kill it within a game. It is impossible, but when you do, the reward will be great.

MOD Info?

  • Stupid AI
  • Instant Win
  • High Damage

Note: Use the MOD Menu only after passing the tutorial! There is a chance to get a ban!

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